Things to do on Abu Dhabi’s Hudayriat Island

Abu Dhabi is becoming one of the major spots for adventure fanatics and sports lovers. Are you one of them? If yes, then consider visiting Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi sports council is coming up with a citywide Wellness program that looks forward to promoting a healthy lifestyle among all the residents. The ambition is supported by a huge amount of investment in infrastructure like the Hudayriat island project, which is home to several facilities that help you make the most of your skills. Under this slide, you can learn everything about the things to do on Hudayriat island.

What exactly is Hudayriat Island of Abu Dhabi

The 3000-hectare island is a community focused on fitness and nature. Once you land on this island, you can see a huge horse, cycling, and jogging tracks. The island is well connected to Abu Dhabi through a suspension bridge. It is also accessed through several cycling lanes. So whether you are just a nature lover or an adventure lover, consider visiting this island.

Best Things You Can Do in Hudariyat Island

Some of the best things you can do in Hudariyat Island Abu Dhabi are mentioned here

1. Trail X 

Trail X is one of the latest attractions unveiled here. This attraction is perfect for bike lovers and people who enjoy mountain biking or just off-roading with a given set of a facility on rough terrain. The trail is 15 kilometers long, and some difficulty levels are also coded here. For example, if you are a big nerd, you can go on the green track, while blue, red, and black are available for advanced drivers.

2. Jogging track

This jogging track is your go-to option if you just want to run leisurely on the beach. Several venues across the island have different paths, like bike park 321 sports. The best part is that you can also get a seaside jogging experience here. The view is just jaw-dropping.

3. Hudayriyat beach

The island offers 600 meters of huge swimming space on the beach with amazing outdoor activities and sports facilities. Some of the great features of the beach include a running path, a cycling track, and four courts for volleyball, football, basketball, and tennis.

4. OCR park

The park is home to some of the permanent obstacle course sites of the UAE. It has a huge adult track, eight obstacles, and eight fitness stations. Even if you’re going with your little one, you can be stress-free as there are children’s tracks with six small obstacle challenges. There is a welcome room center having changing rooms.

5. Bike Park

The bike park has three trails. The inner one is for beginners as it is built from asphalt and is designed in a loop. It is recommended for kids who are just introduced to cycling. The intermediate trail is for experienced riders and is built using asphalt. The outer dirt trail is completely designed for advanced off-road cyclists and features several tunnels.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Hudariyat Island and enjoy some of these amazing things.